George Newman, Director of Channel U-62

   I recently painted this portrait for Gallery 1988's Crazy4Cult show. UHF is one of my favorite movies of all time. I knew as soon as I saw the list for the show's eligible movies that I couldn't resist painting Weird Al Yankovic as George Newman. 
   The painting sold on opening night of the show and as a ridiculously fun and mind-blowingly cool bonus, Al retweeted the painting as well as reposting the picture on his own Instagram! I had to take a moment to breathe...
   So here is George Newman, Director of Channel U-62:

After a lot of coercion by my Twitter friends (I'm @itsbillmain on Twitter) I'm releasing this painting as a print as well through my TeePublic shop. So if you want Al on your wall, on your shirt, your kid's shirt or even on your phone, I'd say this is probably the safest way to do it.

Check it out HERE

About Bill Main

My name is Bill Main and I make art.

I live and work in San Pedro, California -the heart of the Port of Los Angeles…where the ghetto meets the sea. 
I am available for projects now. Feel free to contact me with questions.
For all business inquiries, please contact me via email:
Art Center College of Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts Illustration 2007

SpongeBob Squarepants Storyboards

It's been too long since a proper post has happened here!

It's the gremlins I tell you. Internet Gremlins are the worst...they're all, "Hey! Don't be productive! Enjoy this rabbit hole of cat videos and Tweet holes!"

*Tweet Hole- That thing where one tweet brings you to the next until you find yourself reading things you've never been interested in.

   Anywho...I went to CTNX a couple weekends ago and it was pretty amazing. I had been wanting to go for a while but didn't bite the bullet till this year. SO GLAD I DID. I was just going to go with a general visual development concept art portfolio and get some reviews done. However, I've been enrolled in a class called Oatley Academy Live at the Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling and it's really changed (for the better) my work. I'll be making a post soon about my personal project that I've been developing through that class but on to the point of this post.
   Through the class, I've been trying to develop my style of storytelling, my humor and a my one big goal has been to always create something with a definable Beginning, Middle and End while saying something that matters. Director of the Oatley Academy and all around Super Dude really encouraged me to make a set of storyboards for SpongeBob Squarepants to bring to CTN and I'm so glad I did. After asking Chris if I should use an existing script for SB or write my own jokes, Chris was all for me writing my own gags. So that's just what I did:

Just click on the first image to be able to cycle through the boards

At CTN I had the opportunity to have Sherm Cohen, Lead Storyboard Artist for SpongeBob review them and the comments he gave me were extremely helpful! They were specific, concise and really clear. I'm stoked to get to edit these later but just like he said, my next goal is to apply the ideas he gave me to a new set of boards. That'll be part of my personal project!

The ABC's of Pro Wrestling - B is for Bodyslam

Hiya kids!

It's Bill Main here with another installment of your favorite Rat Fink-y, weirdo, pro wrestling, t-shirty, ABC booky fantastic-ness!

Whew...that was a mouthful.

When thinking about what piece of wrestling terminology or move might best encapsulate the letter B, I wanted to go super classic. Even people with a passing knowledge of pro wrestling will be aware of the friggin' BODY SLAM! Say it with me now folks, "Baaaaaaahhhhhhdeeeeee Slllllllaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm!"

Ahhhhhh. Thanks for indulging me in that. What are these illustrations gonna end up as? Definitely a book, hopefully some t-shirts. Got any other ideas for things you might like to see these bad boys and girls as? Let me know in the comment section!

Check out my illustration for the letter A here

One week webcomic - Lil' Squirt

Hey everybody! Here's a little shorty webcomic I recently made and published online through the Slumberland Digest. I switched over to a style that was going to let me produce this puppy really quickly as we had just had our first baby (who is now 3 months old!!!!) and time was definitely of the essence. It still is, but by God's grace I've been able to stay on top of my other projects. Anywho, please enjoy Lil' Squirt. If you do like it, feel free to leave me feedback either here or Twitter! I love hearing from you guys. Thanks!

Well, well, well...Lil' Squirt saved the day! Sometimes, we aren't the ones who change much in our day to day living. However, when we treat others lovingly and with a little respect, we may just change how they act and react with others.

Go be awesome out there folks! Remember, if you liked it, please do drop me a message! Artist types love them some feedback.

ABC's of Pro Wrestling - A is for Atomic Drop

Hey there everybody!

   I'm hoping today finds you feeling good in your respective neighborhoods. Respect to Applebee's. I think that's an Applebee's slogan- maybe not. Either way, even though the answer is literally a few finger presses away- that will have to stay the way it is. Time is of the essence here folks.

   All Applebee's aside, I started a new project! I'm making a children's book (of sorts). I probably won't be reading this to my kid till he's able to decide not to pile drive his schoolmates for fun buuuuuuut maybe your kid has more self control than I perceive mine will have. I digress.

   The project is a collection of illustrations in the style of an alphabet book! Ultimately, I'd like to have it printed and bound and hopefully, have T-shirts made as well.
   I loved going to the Pomona Swap Meet with my dad as a kid. When we'd go, I'd walk up and down the aisles of used car parts, checking out old carburetors, beat up fenders and lenses for headlights that no one makes anymore. Yet by far, my favorite thing about going would be when we would turn a corner and see good ol' Bert "The Shirt" Grimm slangin' Ed Roth's Rat Fink T-shirts! My dad would always buy me one (they were really fairly priced and Bert is an awesome salesman) and it started my love and obsession for all things Roth.

   I bring you the first illustration from The ABC's of Pro Wrestling.

75 Year Old Batman may be Senile but He's Still Got Gadgets

Dear Director,

   A longtime supporter of the various Arkham Treatment Facility, Mr. Bruce Wayne is treated with the utmost care. Mr. Wayne's is a complex case. He is suffering from multiple psychological issues that, we think, arise from living under the public eye for so long. Of course, we all know the Bruce Wayne of days past-that billion dollar playboy. In and out of the tabloids and newspapers, Mr. Wayne was constantly under public scrutiny. It is our belief that such a long standing relationship with the public eye in such a negative light has created what we can only refer to as neurotic episodes of paranoia and delusions of grandeur.
   Mr. Wayne has upon repeated occasions broken out of his room during night hours, donned a makeshift costume and crept through the halls doing what he calls "stalking". It seems, as sad as it is, that Bruce Wayne believes that he is the Batman (the costumed vigilante that once caught criminals in Gotham City proper). 
   It would be wrong of me not to note that Mr. Wayne has a tremendous amount of physical damage to his body. Most of this shows itself in the form of scarring, evidence of poorly mended broken bones and a general lack of any cartilage in any of his extremities. It seems that Mr. Wayne may have been hiding these psychological problems from the public for some time. 
   Further observation is needed. Thank you sir.

                                                                                                                     -Dr. Bill Main

A comic that basically recounts my childhood in one sitting

A wonderful friend recently asked me to participate in a little collective of artists and writers creating all ages comics. The group, called The Slumberland Digest, posts nightly installments of comics so your dreamy head can go to sleep on a good note. Follow them, as there are little differences my comic that you can only see on the IG. Here's a link: The Slumberland Digest

That being said, here is my pretty true to life comic. I was a Nintendo junkie.

Major Tom, the Cat Happily Lost in Space

  • Ground control to Major Tom...

    He's taken his fish pills and he's put his helmet on. Boy does he look excited to be floating around in the vast unknown of space! Yet, he'd be even MORE excited to be drifting around on your walls at home. Tom would be right as rain if he were cruising on your nursery wall, kicking it in the kitchen or even bumbling around in your bathroom. 
    Here's a small process of how Major Tom came to be.
    I always start with a small sketch in my trusty sketchbook!
    Sometiimes, that sketch is refined into a digital mockup so I can test colors and whatnot...
    The drawing is then transferred to birch plywood and cut out carefully with a jigsaw.
    After being sanded and primed (in this case with clear primer), the paint begins. I guess I wanted to start with the cutest part first this time!
    More refining and painting. Russian cosmonaut style!!!
    Pop them peepers!
    Buttons and gadgets because....buttons and gadgets.
    Major Tom the Space Cat / 80BUY THIS
    What up gurl...?

    Buy Major Tom here!

More wrestler character designs

   Hi there, friends and neighbors. I've slowly been chipping away at the wrestler designs I started a while back. I've reworked a few things I felt weren't working and kicked out a couple new designs. I've got a name for their wrestling organization as well: the Intergalactic Wrestling Federation. The IWF. I'll post some logo sketches soonish as well as some promo cards for each combatant.
   Here's where we are so far:

Updated: Bruise E. Homemaker
Updated: Lord Deville

Updated: Nigel Quarkbottom
Grimly Mynock
315 lbs.
From the Cave Planet Holio

"Supernova" Luto Graham
310 lbs.
From Hulkaterrania

A little update

Wow! I haven't been updating my blog as regularly as I'd like to. Reason number one is going to be that my wife and I are going to have a baby!!! Cue the fireworks and cymbals crashing. Baby Main is due February 23rd and we're really excited to meet him. It's crazy how much I already love him even though I haven't officially met him. If you're at all interested in hearing more about our joyous news, please go and peruse my wife's WAY more updated and professional blog Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe

In the meantime, I will try to update some more work here!

I was asked to speak at my old school, Calvary Chapel Bible College, by a good friend and former student. He wanted me to share about life, faith and Art and how those things mingle in the post-social media mayhem-ish world we live in. He teaches an Apologetics class at the school so the students were sharp. Probably much sharper than myself. Nonetheless, it was a really encouraging night and I think it was really fruitful.

In the weeks prior to speaking I was feeling pretty unsure of myself in respect to sharing. The old, "Oh, what do you have to share anyway?" monster kept popping up. It got me thinking some deep thoughts. Now cue Jack Handey.

Anyway, I was thinking a lot about how my struggle to walk in a way that's in line with my faith in Christ and according to God's word is 1. super irritating (I know what I believe but so often fail to live it out) and then 2. most certainly an opportunity for God to show His goodness.

So, although pretty frustrating, the struggle becomes one of the most potent bases for artwork. My sketchbook becomes a place where I can work out questions I'm having or play with ideas I find in scripture. Sometimes, these become finished drawings or paintings, sometimes they just stay rough pencils.

From James 1:5-8

This is a crazy T-Shirt graphic!

  • I worked up this graphic this week. It's an odd bird that is inspired by the graphics of 1960's hot rod and surf culture. This dude is in the zone, shredding the waves in full beast mode. This was a self started project that started as a sketchbook drawing. Those tend to be the funnest pieces I work on. I'd love to get some shirts pumped out from this guy!
  • Pre-Final Drawing

Matthew 17:20

I had this in my sketchbook for a long time and just recently did a quick paint over. Here's the inspiration for it: He (Jesus) said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Colonel Guile is a mean Street Fighter with some secret moves

Unfortunately for you, the secret moves he has, are completely unrelated to the video game franchise he is a part of. Strike that, you would never have really noticed Guile if not for his perfect hair...and so, maybe his secret morning routine of Vega brand hairspray and a high-powered blow dryer really do need to brought into the canon of the Street Fighter universe.

I'd love to see this as part of an epilogue after beating the game...